Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Warm-up Sketch: Wolverine Somersault

I rarely draw my favorite character, Wolverine (Laura Kinney/X-23), because I never quite seem to do her correctly.

My motivation to try again yesterday: I am always interested to see more sequential action panels with her, since she has a wealth of possibilities to draw from.  A vast and diverse skill set + flexibility + acrobatics are a recipe for some excellent visuals.

Click to enlarge

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Warm-up Sketch: Grung Wildling

The Grung appear on pp. 156-157 of the great Volo's Guide for D&D 5E, and I am somewhat desperate to use them in a campaign at some point!  No idea why he is posing like Hulk Hogan however...

"Whatcha gonna do when a Grung goes Wildling on you!?"

Monday, January 30, 2017

Warm-up Sketch: Captain Marvel

There is something about Ruby Rose that makes me think she is the perfect reference for in-comic book Captain Marvel's face.  It has to be the short hair and sharp features.

This ended up somewhere between Carol Danvers and Ruby Rose, but that's OK too.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Force Grey: The Lost Episode's New Title!?

After watching the WotC D&D stream for their live "Force Grey: The Lost Episode" (DM'd by Critical Role's Matt Mercer), it became clear that there was one true PC hero.  A giant among mortals.  A harden bulwark set against the forces of evil.  In short, a baby porcupine.

Click to enlarge (created in Photoshop)

Context: Dylan Sprouse was one of the new guests for the game (playing a Druid), and he managed to sneak in a way to both turn his character into a baby porcupine AND make it useful.  Truly the stuff of legends...or at least D&D bragging rights for some time to come.

WIP - Sketch to final (flipped for the parody pic)