Friday, July 29, 2016

Medusa from the Inhumans

Don't get me wrong.  I am a big fan of Black Bolt, Karnak, and Ms. Marvel, but when Marvel pits the Inhumans vs. the X-Men there is only one choice for me: the X-Men.  My first comic over 30 years ago was the X-men, and those stories will always represent the best in Marvel's ensemble team comics.

That said, I have a friend that was not able to cosplay as Medusa for DragonCon, so I used an old image I started in 2011 which used her as a reference (see the first image), redrew it as a line drawing, and laid down some comic coloring on it.  If you cannot *be* Medusa, at least you can *look* like her in a comic panel!

Click to enlarge

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I love watching D&D streams.  I think the first one I found was "I Hit it with my Axe," and soon after discovered "Acquisitions Inc." and the Wizards of the Coast Extra Life marathons.  I discovered "Critical Role" about 3-4 episodes in, binged the back episodes, and it became regular viewing.  I love that Wizards is on board with so much of this, even running streamed games to support their 5E product releases.

Something in their recent "Dice, Camera, Action" game caught my attention: during the Curse of Strahd #WaffleCrew play through, Anna Prosser Robinson's character was bitten by a Werewolf.  She tried to suggest to DM Chris Perkins that her character, Evelyn, was more of a Were-pom(eranian) than a Werewolf.

I needed to make Were-pom exist:

Digital Painting (a few hours in Photoshop) - Click to Enlarge.


"Werepoms gathered in their masses, 
wag their tails and beg for scratches. 
Fuzzy faces plot destruction, 
little dog of death's construction."