Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends Draw Friends

Friends don't let friends draw friends, or they will end up... a faux magazine cover of their awesome self!  The wonderful magazine ImagineFX  released a template for their covers awhile back, so I had to take advantage of this windfall to honor the woman that got me into digital art! comic strip caricatures of their awesome selves! not-quite-watercolor, possibly-muddy-sponge-like, versions of their awesome selves!  This one was outside of my comfort zone by a good bit, so I appreciate them bearing with me on this. faux graffiti art of their awesome former co-worker self!  You know how you mention liking something one time, in passing, to your parents and you are doomed to received that very thing as a gift for the next 5 years?  This is sort of what happened here...

(Thanks again to these understanding friends, and others, who must realize by now that they could end up inspiring an embarrassing digital version of themselves at any point, often with no warning, rhyme or reason.)