Sunday, September 8, 2013

I keep missing Dr. Sketchy's!

I keep missing Dr. Sketchy's events...totally unacceptable on my part!  This time I even missed the one that was very close by due to a combination of the Temple Owls dashing my hopes yet again and work that was sent to me at 4pm on Friday.

I found some sketches from the first Dr. Sketchy's - Philly event I had ever attended  a few years back (Stoya, modelling as Death), so I'll throw these up and hope to make the next event (excuse the poor quality scans...and sketches...excuse them as well):

Thursday, September 5, 2013

SketchUp Sample #2

I finally downloaded the updates for the new SketchUp and tried it out with an interior model of the county's disaster recovery warehouse:

Click to Enlarge

The output on the current free version still looks the same as the old version, and some of the 3D warehouse models I used really slowed things down, but I still like the program and think it has a ton of potential applications.