Friday, July 8, 2011

Balon Greyjoy

Balon Greyjoy (click to enlarge)

Originally, this was supposed to be a take on the Victarion Greyjoy helm described in A Feast For Crows.  Unfortunately, in my haste I glazed over the parts where it described the helm as black and covering most of his face (not to mention picking greens and blues as base colors, ignoring the gold cloak he wears).  Ultimately this turned into a portrait of his older brother, Balon Greyjoy.  Funny enough, I despise the villain (I blame him for much of Theon's ...ahem... poor life choices) and would have never picked him for a portrait, but I'll chalk this one up to some foul trickery of the Drowned God and wash my hands of it!

Original helm sketch/concept

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