Monday, November 21, 2011

Dr.Sketchy’s Philadelphia - Cherry Bomb

This past Thursday, I had the chance to embarrass myself via the use of real media and timed exercises once more:  Dr. Sketchy's Philadelphia (in conjunction with their event sponsor Lillet) presented "Domestic Bliss", featuring the model Cherry Bomb, at The Little Bar on 8th Street in Philly!

Always a great time, this one featured the use of cookies, hand-held blenders and "April May & the June Bugs"!  There were also corsets and garters of course, which, let's be honest here, should be mandatory for any domestic setting.  Convincing women of this typically leads to the search for my next future Ms. Ex-girlfriend.  ;)

Many of my sketches were mostly awful, but hopefully I did Miss Bomb justice with a few of these:

This was one of the final sketches of the night - portray the model in a sort of deific
manner as a celebration of domesticity.  Stained glass was mentioned.

A few more random images - two quick sketches mixed with a longer, timed sketch.
At the time, I swear I had a logical connection between the last sketch and the topic,
but it may have been the beer and Lillet samplers talking.

Thanks again to Dr. Sketchy's Philly and Cherry Bomb for the great event!


Quick additional note: there was talk of a Twin Peaks themed event in January.  There was also talk of a model in Audrey Horne outfits.  I'll consider it a late birthday gift if it happens.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Haters Gonna Hate: 2011 Tebow Edition

Back in 2008-09, an illustrator named Omar Noory created a great "Haters Gonna Hate" animated gif which spiraled into some great derivative images.  The 2011 NFL Season has made it clear that another image needs to be added to this collection:

This is what I imagine haunts Rex Ryan's dreams at night now (and probably John Fox's and John Elway's as well).  Here is a frame from Mr. Noory's sequence that served as the inspiration, and the initial sketch that followed:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Lion in Pixels

A warm up using Alchemy -  create a number of random pages of shapes and patterns using the program and try to piece together something out the randomness:

Two random, warm-up pages created in Alchemy

Here is the what I was able to piece together:

Photoshop's selection tool was used to single out and rearrange the shapes,
and the warp tool was used bend and distort the shapes to more closely fit the idea.

I am not sure whether this will ever be used in an image, but knowing that I often go back and work on things years after they were started, I think it is worth saving for a future post in 2014 or so.  ;)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State Riots

I have a fair amount of friends that went to Penn State.  I know that they are decent people, and a much better reflection on the school than the protesters I watched on TV the other day.  I believe that the rest of the student body showed their true, compassionate nature via a massive vigil for the victims tonight as well.  Disclaimer done.

Now it's time to troll the rioters!

I could have also gone with "Now we know what the 'P' in PSU stands for!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

Practice Image: Manara Mania

Practice image post today.  A random, stylistic tribute to the Italian comic book artist and writer, Milo Manara:

(Click to Enlarge)