Monday, February 27, 2012

Dr.Sketchy’s Philadelphia - Centerfold Academy

This past Saturday, I ventured out of my cave to see if I could recall how to use actual pens and pencils.  Dr. Sketchy's - Philly presented "The Centerfold Academy" with Celeste Giuliano Photography, featuring models Samantha Samsam and Victoria, at Blick Art Materials in Center City.

A great turnout, a huge space, and double the great models = great event.  Some of the damage is as follows (I was late so, instead of being able to browse Blick for some quality ink pens beforehand, ink will be defined as "the magic marker in my bag" for the purposes of the images below):

Samantha, in her last pose of the night.  Vintage pic/postcard theme.
Had to snag a phone pic here since the original is still floating around at Blick.

Quick sketches - Samantha.

Quick sketches - Victoria.
Yes...those are feet at the bottom right (it was all I could see from my seat during that fast pose!).

Ink sketches - Samantha.  Vintage tattoo theme.

Victoria, in her final pose of the night.  Vintage postcard theme.
I only had quick pencils down at the time she finished - so the ink was very
incomplete, rushed, and after-the-fact.

As always, thanks again for the great time!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"I Hate Love" Garbage

Image inspired by a post on Garbage's website, in honor of both Valentine's Day and their new song "I Hate Love".

Click to Enlarge

2/14 V-Day Update:
Make sure to check out the "I Hate Love" teaser video on the Garbage website!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Buzz Buzz

Just for fun.  Labeled NSFW for the suggestion more than anything else.

This started as another Manara-esque practice image, but turned into something else.