Friday, October 14, 2016

Inktober #14: Bamboo

This Inktober prompt is "Tree".  I took a shot at imitating sumi-e with various shades of grey marker.  The result was serviceable, but you lose the ability to effectively mesh practiced stroke and end result.  For example, the you lose the ability to plan and use the natural drying of the ink on the brush to create lighter areas.  With marker, you have to jury-rig a similar look.  That said, not bad for a first attempt.

Critical Role: Iced Coffee

Let's continue the Goristro barista theme from last week for the current Demon vs. Dragon showdown on Critical Role (on Geek & Sundry's Twitch Channel, every Thursday).

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Inktober #13 "Scared": Stranger Things

Today's Inktober prompt is "Scared", and my first thought was a sketch of Winona Ryders' Joyce Byers from Stranger Things!

The marker I used for the grey ink did not behave as well on my sketch paper as the heavy black ink marker from a different brand.  I'll have to dig into supplies to see if something works a bit better, or it is back to black ink and crosshatching.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Inktober #11: Transport

Look, I have no idea how "Transport" turned into a guy in a hazmat suit strolling along with a container of radioactive rice, but I enjoyed doing it!

Inktober #10 & #12: Titania and Gabby

Two Marvel characters for these two Inktober sketches.  The first prompt is "Jump" and the character is Titania.  I got a lot of this wrong: jumping is more She-Hulk's thing, the pose doesn't denote any comic book style action, etc.  I just wanted to do a little tribute to Josh Williamson for making Titania as awesome and powerful as she always should have been ('80 to the present) in his Illuminati run.

My Error: I didn't capture the motion or action properly.

The second prompt is "Worried" and the character is Gabby from All-New Wolverine.  I attempt was to get her when she (off-screen) hears the same water bombers Laura hears.  OK with context, but I didn't capture a strong enough look when you look at the sketch with out context.

My Error: the emotion isn't enough with or without context)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Inktober #7-9: Lost, Rock, and Broken

A buffet of quick Inktober 2016 sketches.  The first is "Lost", which of course meant the statue from Lost...

Followed by "Rock".  Gorignak, from Galaxy Quest!

Finally, for "Broken" I sadly did a quick and simple sketch of a tome; in this case representing the Guild Wars 2 Manifesto, and all of ANet's broken promises.  They took an innovative and balanced game and turned it into a generic MMO, complete with Best in Slot gear grinds, forced content to have access to best in slot gear (high level fractals, raids, collection quests that take the fun out of playing, and so on), and alternatives which were a soul sapping, over-grind for gold.  It was a cowardly lack of faith in the replay-ability of their created content for enjoyment purposes.  After the last Wintersday Festival, which introduced over-grinding to fun and optional PvE, I quit.  They brought me back with a blast from the past: a new Living Story and new and accessible PvE content.  Soon though, they will shift back to raids and exclusivity...and I'll be looking for yet another new game to play....

Friday, October 7, 2016

Critical Role: The Goristro Barista

From the 10/6 Critical Role on Geek & Sundry's twitch stream.  You know he is going to purposely put his thumb on your lemon cake and spell your name wrong on the little label.

Click to enlarge

I am not sure if this form of irritation magic raises or lowers it CR.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Inktober #6: Sneaky Batman

The prompt for day 6 of Inktober is "Hidden".  A quick sketch of Batman skulking around in the dark is an obvious choice, but the surprise for me was: I believe this is the first non-Marvel comic character (or non-Vertigo, due solely to Sandman's pantheon) I have ever drawn!?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Inktober #5: Kamala and Bruno

The prompt for Inktober's Day 5 is "sad".  Last week, I had the chance to read the latest issue of Ms. Marvel.  G. Willow Wilson showed us the aftermath of Kamala and Bruno, the repercussions of his injury and her desperation to normalize things.  This sketch was spawned from that idea (movie of the week poster composition is totally my fault however...).

Simple pen and paper.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Inktober #4: Bastion and Ganymede

An Overwatch sketch of Bastion and Ganymede!  If you haven't seen the Bastion short by Blizzard, check it out here: "The Last Bastion".

The prompt for Inktober #4 was "Hungry".

Monday, October 3, 2016

More Inktober: Random Comic Villain & Day 3

Here are two more quick and dirty (describing the work and the photos) images for Inktober.  In the first, I still didn't realize there were daily prompts as part of the exercise....  So, we have a random and obscure Marvel Villain called The Living Laser.  The second image is on topic, and covers the prompt "Collect".

Pen and Grey Marker

Ink with Small Brush

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Inktober: 10/1 Live D&D Game at Twitch Con

Here is a quick Inktober sketch of Commander Holly's D&D character, Strix, for the Wizard's of the Coast official Dice Camera Action game.  They were live at Twitch Con tonight, so I used her live cosplay as a reference and gave it a go:

Brushes and India Ink over a Quick Sketch

Excuse the potato quality photo of the sketch...