Sunday, October 9, 2016

Inktober #7-9: Lost, Rock, and Broken

A buffet of quick Inktober 2016 sketches.  The first is "Lost", which of course meant the statue from Lost...

Followed by "Rock".  Gorignak, from Galaxy Quest!

Finally, for "Broken" I sadly did a quick and simple sketch of a tome; in this case representing the Guild Wars 2 Manifesto, and all of ANet's broken promises.  They took an innovative and balanced game and turned it into a generic MMO, complete with Best in Slot gear grinds, forced content to have access to best in slot gear (high level fractals, raids, collection quests that take the fun out of playing, and so on), and alternatives which were a soul sapping, over-grind for gold.  It was a cowardly lack of faith in the replay-ability of their created content for enjoyment purposes.  After the last Wintersday Festival, which introduced over-grinding to fun and optional PvE, I quit.  They brought me back with a blast from the past: a new Living Story and new and accessible PvE content.  Soon though, they will shift back to raids and exclusivity...and I'll be looking for yet another new game to play....

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