Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Inktober #10 & #12: Titania and Gabby

Two Marvel characters for these two Inktober sketches.  The first prompt is "Jump" and the character is Titania.  I got a lot of this wrong: jumping is more She-Hulk's thing, the pose doesn't denote any comic book style action, etc.  I just wanted to do a little tribute to Josh Williamson for making Titania as awesome and powerful as she always should have been ('80 to the present) in his Illuminati run.

My Error: I didn't capture the motion or action properly.

The second prompt is "Worried" and the character is Gabby from All-New Wolverine.  I attempt was to get her when she (off-screen) hears the same water bombers Laura hears.  OK with context, but I didn't capture a strong enough look when you look at the sketch with out context.

My Error: the emotion isn't enough with or without context)

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