Friday, September 11, 2015

Practice Image: Michael Barrett's Metalmasher

Dragon magazine's art had more influence on me than I would realize at the time.  A few artists' images always stuck with me.  There is one specific, stylistic image from Janet Aulisio that used to appear in ads for "Amazing Stories" (example: Dragon #141, p. 49, from Jan. '89; dark bazaar, hooded woman leading a shocked boy through the crowd as he tries to comprehend what is just off-page to the lower right) that I have never forgotten.  There were also a few monster images in an Ed Greenwood article titled "The Dragon's Beastiary" that I really loved as well (Dragon #139, pp. 70-74, Nov. '88).  I believe the artist is Michael Barrett, but I am not positive and I have never been able to find anything like a current online portfolio to verify (and ogle).

At any rate, here is a quick pen-and-marker-on-paper practice sketch of something called the Metalmasher, using one of Barrett's images as a direct reference.

All credit for the original reference goes to Barrett and Greenwood.

If anyone knows where I can find more of Michael Barrett's artwork, I'd love the heads up!

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