Monday, September 7, 2015

Warm-up Sketch: Last Words

Practicing in Manga Studio again (still using Debut 4.0), this time in an effort to better understand the panel and word bubble creators.  I figured out the panel system well enough, liked the cloud/bubble creator, but I really have to work on in-program trim, text, and line spacing.
Click to enlarge.

The practice image is from one of my D&D 5E groups: the party of 3 (plus an animal companion and a cowardly NPC) is facing off against a banshee and a few scarecrows.  They burn the banshee down (unknowingly) to 1 HP, only to have it drop 5 of the 6 with its wail.  Nervous jokes ensue as I describe the death save mechanics in 5E.  There is a pause.  The wizard, standing alone and face to face with the threat, finally says:  "Do I have any slots left to cast fly, and can it attack me if I fly away?"  Dead silence from the other two until he finally decides to cast Magic Missile and end the fight.  (His plan was to kill it from afar, and then come back and gather everyone up, but intent gets jumbled when nerves are running that high!)

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