Friday, February 19, 2016

W.I.P. Sketches: Kamala, Laura, and Slippers

The X-23/Laura/Wolverine kick continues, but I also had a chance to read the new Ms. Marvel recently as well.  What a great character!  Everything I have read on the Ms. Marvel titles has been cleverly crafted, and pitch perfect for the character.  Laura gets the same care when in her own series', but as a guest hero or team member on other titles, it is really hit or miss.  Some writers seem to forget the mental aspect of the character, and opt for the easy "let's just have her be an angry Logan substitute".

Below is a fun thought I had, if and when they are paired together.  I am unhappy with how Laura's face looks in my attempts, and it seems to get worse with even the slightest tweaks.  I am going to have to scrap her pose and positioning, and start from scratch.

Second attempt to fix X's left side.  I need to redraw the head from scratch,
and then salvage the elements from this version that worked.
Click to Enlarge.

Sketching fails aside, I mean, come on!  Kamala's Wolverine slippers should be the stuff of legend!

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